Seed money grant / fundraiser we just got a check for  $48.50

Facebook community  fundraiser  $55.25

private community  planter box wood donation –  building supply worth $100.00 (wood) 

private community fundraiser donation- $60.00

amazon smile donation- $6.05

3 live queen bees=

Facebook community  fundraiser – $20.00

state farm Neighborhood of Good grant- $500.00

Hudson Valley Seed Co seeds grant- seeds  for 2021 giving garden

Facebook community  fundraiser – $50.00

Northwest Farm Credit Services covid-19 food bank help- $1,000

private community fundraiser donation- $41.00

amazon smile donation- $10.07

Facebook community  fundraiser – $25.00

Smart Foodservice Warehouse thanksgiving dinner meals- $50.00 gift card 

Facebook community  fundraiser  – $18.00

private community  greenhouse wood donation worth –  $130.00

private community  lawn  lawn maintenance shed wood donation and greenhouse worth –  $334.19 building supply where donated (wood and screws)

Facebook community  fundraiser –  $125.00

volunteer  donated  a stamp to mail seed grant letter-  $0.55

100.00 to help pay for compost and truck.