GROWLING GARDEN 501c3 nonprofit grant proposal

GROWLING GARDEN 501c3 nonprofit EIN: 83-2067935.


It’s been a tough year for most of us. We lost most of our growing boxes in December of 2019. But we managed to rebuild the giving garden for our town.  In which that grows the organic food we give out for free.    

We didn’t accomplish all we wanted to – or need to.  We did grow an amazing amount!

What we did:  

— Laid out rows of 3 tier growing boxes, we have 135 companion growing areas. Each box can grow 3 different companion plants. “example of companion plants Beans, corn, peas”

— We grow free vegetables for hundreds of families and individuals, From September 23, 2019 to December 06,2020, we grew over 937pounds of garden produce. carrots, green beans, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash to name just a few.

— we run a small food bank and help people with free food, ex- we offer meals to go and food boxes, and

–we helped over 2,340 people. Next year, we can do so much more once we add in some of the other growing boxes!

— Built a shed to keep our tools and supplies safe.  We have another one (same size and better) on the way.  We will be putting a loft or two in the new one for small light equipment.

— we offer free Lawn Maintenance to theses that can not do it them self.

— We offer free gardening classes and honeybee classes, free Lawn Maintenance to theses that cannot do it them self, to community members, we set up a part of our garden for 5 beehives, and planted shrubs and flower borders, pollinator habitat, and beauty. We began making friends with different families from the neighborhood.

–People from the neighborhood come by too.  They love to see what’s fresh vegetables are growing.

What we cannot do is:

We would like to expand on all the program we offer at GROWLING GARDEN to reach more people in need of our help. As we have outgrown our current location 294 Jefferson ave. Pocatello Idaho. we have 135 companion growing areas on 0.27 acres. we are looking at farmland that sits at 4335 Hawthorne, Pocatello, ID 83202 that would give us 13.78 acres, that would give us the much need room to grow 5x. more free produce for all in need of it for many years to come. We offer free food box delivers, free small hot meal boxes to go, free gardening and honeybee classes, free Lawn Maintenance to theses that cannot do it them self, to community members.


We don’t just grow food and community — we also take care of our environment.  We have bees, because pollination produces far more, better vegetables. Our hives and our native bee nesting areas help protect endangered pollinators. Plus, when our hives get big, we’ll have honey to share with neighbors, and our wonderful donors

identify how your organization plans to sustain the garden or greenspace and keep it viable year after year. 

Over the last four years, GROWLING GARDEN has become a thriving center of social connection within the neighborhood. From our, bustling on-site free food bank days to weekly volunteer opportunities, from community education trips to hands-on workshops, from summer garden classes for students to seasonal festivals—this land already offers so many ways that locals can connect with the earth and one another through the growing, harvesting, and preparing of food. But what truly has been kindled here is an inspired way of living— a way in which humanity is wholly engaged in the noble mission. We now have the opportunity to purchase this eleven-acre of very special land, protecting it from encroaching development, and preserving it as a living homestead, for the benefit of future generations.  We invite our friends and neighbors to participate in realizing this vision.

YOUR DONATION will help achieve these top priorities for 2021:

1. Fruit trees and a strawberry bed: $300

2 bee supplies: $ 287.60 = build two Long Langstroth Hive 90.00 for both hives, 9″ Deep Plastic Frames DOUBLE Waxed – 52 pack White $197.60.

3. new work shed: $1,800.

4. rent, water, electric, heat greenhouse, general bills for day-to-day operations= $ 6,000

5. We need raised beds for the giving garden, this means lumber and related materials: $800.

6. We also want lumber to build garden growing boxes for kids to take home with them so they can grow their own food.need fung=ding