The garden was opened on  JULY 18 ,2016

The garden was opened on  JULY 18 ,2016

The garden first used of the logo was on may 30, 2017

 we officially Trademark the garden logo and name on February 25, 2018

garden name

US80575-24 x 24-Lamination -S

The garden sing went up June 12,2017

we know the photo show the name backwards it was the order the sign was hand made in.

the word GARDEN was made first then the GROWLING part was made sec.




 Our growing season starts in February.

We start our plants from seeds in February.

The garden is worked year-round.

If we are not starting plants we are growing them.

If the growing season has come to the end we start getting the garden ready for the next season.

are major task between growing seasons is fixing growing boxes or we are making new ones.

Every garden needs a rainbowgarden rainbow

First year thought the 3rd year.

In a good growing season we can have up to 135 growing boxes/ hydroponics areas.


first year hydroponics inside way to cold to place in greenhouse.  we do not use anymore.

We used safe unwanted wood to make all of our wood growing boxes on site.


we garden harvest seeds for next season’s crop.

we add our first hand made bee hive to the garden 2017


meet one of our pollinators.

We keep our pollinators on site.