The garden bot a whole new look. the growing boxes fell apart after 3 1/2 years. we where so lucky to have reclaimed wood donated to the garden.
we where able to re build garden but with a whole new look.

welcom wall

2016 to 2020 garden


the garden from 3 1/2 years
the garden growing boxes fell apart after 3  years of use  a few of our bee hives

We will could not find a place to rent

This year we are going to try to companion grow.

The new garden lay out.

2020 new garden look
2020 garden new look.
February 8 2020
one of your new growing boxes.

February 15 2020


sid by side
on the left is a old garden box that was still in great condition, on the right is a what we did to get more growing space from it.

compost day 2020